Fishing is engrained into the DNA of many who reside in the Southeast. For many, it’s something that is passed down from generation to generation, picked up at an early age and enjoyed forever then on. If you’re one of millions who enjoys the sport of fishing, you that having the right gear is an essential part of a good day on the water. 

While rods, reels, tackle and boats, outboards and trailers are the main items on envy on a typical angler’s wish list, the right vehicle is an equally essential piece of equipment for many fishermen. While most truck’s and SUVs will do just fine as a boat hauler, there are a few key accessories that will help any truck excel as a boat hauler. 

Adjustable Ball Mount Hitch

An adjustable hitch is a valuable addition to an angler’s truck, ensuring your vehicle is riding as flat as possible when towing a boat (or any other load, for that matter). Keeping your vehicle riding flat while towing means it will handle better and potentially increase fuel economy.

Upgraded Fog/Reverse Lights

Fisherman are no strangers to the early morning hours or the late night, as these are the times of day that fish are typically most active. Having every extra bit of light in these situations gives anglers peace of mind while navigating to and from the boat ramp on poorly lit roadways, and while putting in  during the dark hours.

Laser Cut Floor Liners

While not the most exciting piece of equipment, heavy duty floor liners will help keep your truck clean and dry in the event that you should get wet, muddy or otherwise unclean. Precision-cut models from brands like WeatherTech and Husky will guarantee a correct fit for your vehicle and easy cleanup when you bring moisture, mud and grime into the cab. 

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