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How Dealerships Can Use Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness, Reputation & Sales

It’s nearly 2020, and a lot is changing in the automotive industry as the new year rolls around. Through all this change however, there is one tool that won’t be any less important as we roll into the new decade. In fact, it’ll likely become more important than ever. That tool is - social media. While in years passed it was understandable, if not commonplace, to write off social media as a fad, it has become clear over the last half of this decade that it’s here to stay as a vital tool in the business world. However, many car dealerships aren’t taking full advantage of social media, and in doing so are missing out on a massive business opportunity.

So how can your dealership bring its social media presence up to speed for the ‘20s? Read on to find out.

1. Post Often

These days, people have very short attention spans. If you go days, weeks, or months without posting, people will forget about you. The way to get ahead of the game is to be present in people’s feeds, and therefore their heads, each time your followers login to their social. This doesn’t always have to be in the form of a conventional posts either. Stories and live streams, functionalities most platforms now feature, are great ways to engage with your following without cluttering up their timelines. By engaging with your audience and constantly planting little reminders of your business in their feeds, you better the chances that they'll think of you the next time they're in the market for a new vehicle.

2. Post Consistently

While posting often is a surefire way to optimize your social media efforts, you need to be strategic about it. Posting at random times throughout the day is absolutely not going to get people interacting with your posts. Instead, it’s crucial to identify the sweet spot in posting frequency for your followers, as well as in the time of day that you post. Posting frequency is a fickle beast - post too little, and you run the risk of being lost in the crowded social media scene. However, post too much and you risk becoming an annoyance to your following, prompting people to unfollow you. Time of day is an important consideration, as certain times of day are better for posting than others. For instance, posts on weekdays between 12-2pm and 7-9pm tend to perform better since these are the hours that most people are at lunch or at home - the times that they’ll most likely be engaged with social media. Take this into consideration when you post, because great content means nothing if you post it at a time when no one will see it.

3. Post Relevant Content

This may seem like a no brainer, but you should aim to post content that people will find interesting, useful or entertaining. Your customer base doesn’t want to see the same mundane things on your social every day, so liven it up. Social media should tell a story, so update your followers on new vehicle arrivals, business achievements and success stories. Visuals are an absolute must and should be incorporated into every post you make, whether it’s in the form of pictures, graphics or video (which reigns supreme), in order to grab users attention. Again, the more you engage your followers, the better your chances are of becoming the go-to car dealership in their heads.

4. Strike Up a Conversation

As much as it was built for story-telling, social media was designed for two-way interactions and conversations. If your social media feed is a consistent stream of one-sided, overly promotional media, you won't see your following engage with you. Instead of relentlessly blasting posts at followers, come up with ways to encourage your following to drop their thoughts in the comments or to share the post with their friends. People like to participate and add their own contributions to social media posts, so let them! Conversations over social media are likely to lead to real-life interactions for your dealership is consistent and regularly replies to followers interactions. Furthermore, you can use these opportunities to communicate how your dealership differs from the competition in terms of pricing deals, vehicle selection or customer service.

By following these tips, your dealership can get a leg up over your competition and stay fresh in the conscience of your target audience. For more helpful tips and information, visit the SORS Dealership Blog.

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