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A brief look at what trends are gaining popularity in the aftermarket truck/jeep accessories market as we reach the end of 2020.

With the leaves beginning to change and the air taking on a brisk coolness, the end of 2020 is staring us all straight in the face. We're all ready for this year to end (biggest understatement of all time), and now is the time to begin preparing for a new, and hopefully better, year. 

In this installation of the SORS blog, we'll take a look at what trends we've seen dominating in the aftermarket off-road parts industry, and make predictions as to what we think will be the most popular parts, looks and styles in 2021. We'll revisit this subject at the end of the year with more detail.

Continued Move Away From Black Wheels

At 2019's SEMA show, we saw many wheels that starkly contrasted the blacked-out wheel styles that dominated the 2010’s. In 2020, we've seen this trend picking up steam in the real world - customers who once opted for all black wheels are now opting for bronzes, muted grays, tinted finishes and even CHROME. In 2021, we predict that this trend will continue, and we will see increased sales in popular models from Black Rhino, VenomRex, and Fuel, all of whom are championing these new finishes.


Takeaway: Avoid stocking trucks that appear dated by subbing black wheels for newer color options.

Wheels Continue to Grow In Size

One trend that the lifted truck segment saw in 2020 is that of trucks with increasing larger wheels for off-road applications. At 2019's SEMA, we saw plenty of trucks sporting wheels 24” or better, and throughout 2020 20s and 22s have dominated. At the same time, old-school off-road wheel sizes like 15s and 16s are getting increasingly harder to find in the field and in shops, and even old standards like 17s seem outdated and small.


Takeaway: If your dealership isn't equipping its up-fitted trucks with at least 20" wheels, it might as well not be upgrading the wheels at all.

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