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Predicting what products and interests will rule the off-roading world this year.

With the new year here, many of us in the automotive industry find ourselves wondering what products will take over the public’s interest over the next 365 days. Using a combination of our insider knowledge and personal experience, we’ve undergone the task of predicting what products and interests will rule the off-roading world in 2020. Here is our take on this year’s trends.

1) Overlanding Hits the Southeast

Though we’ve established before that overlanding is taking the world, especially the west coast, the phenomenon only began to trickle into the southern states in any real capacity this year. However, overlanding shows no signs of wavering interest, and we expect it to continue picking up steam in the southeast. Why? First and foremost, up-fitters and dealerships beginning to get hip to the trend by carrying appropriate gear and overland-ready vehicles in their inventory, making it much more accessible to our off-road communities. Perhaps more importantly though is the amount remote service roads and sheer wilderness the Southeast contains, especially within Appalachia. 


Takeaway: Your dealership could benefit by keeping an overland-ready vehicle in stock this spring as overland fever picks up. 

2) The Rise of Bronze/Matte Wheels

At this year’s SEMA show, we saw many wheels that starkly contrasted the blacked-out wheel styles that dominated the 2010’s. To kick off the ‘20s, we predict that matte metallic wheel colors, particularly bronzes and gunmetals, will begin their rise to the the top of the consumer conscious. These two color choices were out in force at 2019’s SEMA show, and we’ve begun to see our own customers opting for similar choices in wheels. We’ve seen another surprise color option growing in prominence along side these finishes: chrome. Together, these finish options seem to be coming together to topple black off-road wheels.


Takeaway: Avoid stocking trucks that dated by subbing black wheels for newer matte variants.

3) More Wheel, Less Tire

One trend in the lifted truck segment that we see continuing in 2020 is that of trucks with increasing larger wheels wrapped in increasingly skinny tires. At SEMA, we saw plenty of trucks sporting wheels 24” or better. While SEMA is one thing, we have been seeing bigger and bigger wheels in our customer builds. Take a look at this build, for example.


Takeaway: Go big or go home! Don’t be afraid to stock a truck with more wheel than tire this year.

While this may seem contradictory to the previous point, these two schools of thought will live in harmony in 2020. In the past, it seemed like any truck lifted less than 6” may as well not have any lift at all - according to truck guys that is. However those days are gone, and today's truck enthusiasts’ interests are leaning towards balancing the right lift height with maximum tire size. These styles range from level kits with 37s to trucks equipped with Fab Fours, Inc.’s notorious “40s No Lift” open fender systems. 

Takeaway: Opting for a leveling kit and 37" all-terrain tires will be a great way to increase the appeal of your dealership's trucks this year.

4) Less Lift, More Tire

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