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Tonneau Covers

Covering the Basics of Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers - they’re one of the most popular and least expensive upgrades one can make to a new pickup truck. A simple mechanism with a singular purpose, tonneau covers may seem like the simplest upgrade one can make. While that may hold some truth in the technical sense, choice in tonneau covers does require a bit of thought, because not all bed covers are made equally. 


In this installment of the SORS blog, we’ll break down the most common types of bed covers, and make our recommendations for each type.

One-Piece Covers

The simplest in design, one-piece covers come in both hard and soft construction and are typically hinged on a pneumatic strut for easy one-handed opening. One-piece covers typically have superior resistance to weather as they fit over the edges of the truck’s bed while providing an excellent level of resistance to break ins due to a lack of weak points. One-piece covers can be a great cosmetic choice as well, as painted to match covers meld right in with the bed. One-piece covers tend to be fairly simple to install and remove as well, adding convenience to their list of benefits.


Our Pick: UnderCover Classic

Roll-Up Covers

Roll up covers’ main advantages are convenience and affordability. Many boast an easy, no-tool installation process that allows the cover to be completely removed from the truck in seconds - a quality that can’t be claimed by many other types of cover. Roll-up covers tend to provide ample protection from wet weather conditions as well, and keep your bed cargo safely out of site. Perhaps their biggest advantage, rollup covers allow you to utilize virtually 100% of your trucks cargo space when retracted.


Our Pick: Truxedo Pro X15

Folding Covers

Folding covers offer a great match of toughness and convenience, making it one of the most popular styles among truck owners. What these styles lack in ease of install, they make up for in protection. Hard folding covers offer a similar level of protection to hard one-piece covers, and come with draining solutions to eliminate any chance of water leakage into the bed.

Our Pick: Undercover Ultra Flex

Retractable Covers

Retractable covers offer a very sleek, discrete, low-profile look. They can provide phenomenal security and versatility with various lockable opening and closing points along your bed rails. This allows users to accommodate a wide range of large items, locking the bed cover in different positions to leave the unused section of the bed covered. Retractables also allow for users to utilize a large portion of their bed - about 90% - with the cover fully retracted.

Our Pick: Pace Edwards Full Metal JackRabbit

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